Our mission is to provide the nonprofit community with
development and accounting services
in a timely, accurate and cost effective manner
enabling nonprofits to focus
their financial and human resources
on meeting their mission.

Accurate and timely financial reporting is crucial to the effective management of all nonprofit organizations and is especially valuable for Board members in fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities. Donors are increasingly demanding full disclosure and transparency in reporting by the organizations they support.

Are you…

·         Having trouble getting accurate financial statements to your Board members on a timely basis?

·         Frustrated that your current staff structure cannot meet your bookkeeping requirements?

·         Concerned that your auditors have a difficult time getting the information they need?

·         Lacking accurate financial and administrative records as an all-volunteer organization?   

·         Spending too much time fighting financial fires instead of fulfilling your organization's mission?


HJ Marshall Associates will provide accounting and bookkeeping services to help you meet these growing challenges. We offer proficiency in QuickBooks, Excel and relational databases, and we will work in conjunction with your auditing firm to ensure that your financial records conform to the Internal Revenue Service and State filing requirements. We work on a negotiated fee basis so you can easily budget your annual accounting expenses with no surprises at the end of the year. You will pay only for the services you need, performed by a qualified professional.

Accounting services

·        Prepare and mail invoices

·        Record receipts

·        Enter payables

·        Prepare summary of accounts payable

·        Prepare checks for signatures

·        Reconcile bank accounts

·        Assist in the development of a financial system, including Chart of Accounts

·        Prepare financial statements and distribute or present to management and Boards

·        Prepare cash flow projections

·        Work in partnership with auditing firm to ensure that financial records conform to Federal and State reporting requirements

HJ Marshall Associates can streamline your reporting needs by fulfilling your accounting, bookkeeping and donor management requirements on a contract basis. Whether we perform our services at your office or at ours ... on your software or ours ... you will receive experienced and efficient results.




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